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  • We take in your orders if you want to buy weed online daily & ship out in under 2 hours once payment is confirmed. Pickups also available in Eureka or any city in Humboldt county. Shipping to ALL States. Get real weed online from us at discounts since you are connecting directly to a grower in Humboldt County, CA.
How we ship your weed
  • Our team of experts ship out only via USPS only & in some rare cases FedEx.  You get your USPS tracking number less than 2 hours after payment is confirmed.
  • Our high quality assessors make certain that we ship the best weed quality -hand trimmed. We ensure to keep clear transactions with these accessors, making certain fast and also hassle-free ventures when dealing with us, hence making the entire company portfolio reputable.


Once you place your Order;

  • You will receive an instant confirmation message with your Order Number.
  • Confirm payment upon order confirmation to details provided.
  • Your precise tracking number (based on your chosen mode of shipment) will be available in under 2 hours.
  • Our packaging techniques are unique & revolutionary hence your pack arrives safely with no hassle.
  • We Ship out your disguised pack in record time to avoid long waits & anxiety especially with first time clients.

Our shipping methods are thus; 60% vacuum-sealed 1st layer in well disinfected plastic bags; 70% vacuum-seal 2nd layer & 90% vacuum-seal of the 3rd layer. We will place your well-sealed pack in a solid arbitrary cartoon. Also, we fill all spaces and irregularities with foams. Furthermore, our team reseals & places your pack in a solid box to seal all crevices and seeming openings. We include a damp anti-bacterial wipe between the layers covering the top, sides & bottom of the original 60% sealed bag to help keep the scent in check.

With these precautions taken, we hereby guarantee not only the arrival of your disguised pack but on time as well. Our success rate has been 100% to the East Coast from 2019 through the pandemic & till date.

THC carts for sale also available

You can browse our online collection to find premium, authentic, traceable & verifiable THC cartridges. Both wholesale & retail sale. We will ship your marijuana carts without difficulty to the specified location. Ordering one of our products does not require an MMJ card or any other specialized documentation.

Flexible Shipping options upon Checkout to choose from.
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  1. If you want to buy weed online, we accept orders daily and ship out within 2 hours of payment confirmation. Pickups are also available in Eureka and other cities throughout Humboldt County. Shipping is available to ALL 50 states, Canada and other validated locations in Western Europe. We offer real weed at a discount because you are connecting directly with a grower in Humboldt County, CA.
  2. Our team of experts only ship via USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL. You get tot choose your preferred method of shipping upon checkout.
    NB: Preferred Shipping method to choose from may vary based on your specific package destination. You receive your tracking number within 2 hours of payment confirmation.
  3. Our quality control specialists ensure that; we only ship hand-trimmed weed. We make certain to keep clear transactions, ensuring fast & hassle-free delivery of your disguised pack. Our entire Shipping process is fast & relaible.

Your Starting Point To Buy Grade AA Weed Online​

Looking for an online weed shop near you? Look no further. A Cannabis Online hub is, by definition, a location buzzing with significant weed shipping activities of some kind from various growers coming together. The subsidiary Chary Mail is not an exception. We are not merely an online weed store, but rather a hub where industry-leading farmers, vendors, and manufacturers convene for their mutual benefit. We exclude the additional costs that intermediaries add to the supply chain, as well as market manipulation, which causes shortages and drives up prices. Today, order marijuana online from our Shop.

To succeed in this endeavor, we have spent the past seven years refining our supply chains & quality assurance techniques. Currently, we own facilities in California and Oregon, United States. We also have a distributor in the Netherlands, which allows us to continually expand our market reach. This also means that regardless of where you live, you can buy weed online and receive it immediately.

As an accredited center, we uphold international quality standards for all cannabis-related products. There are no duds in the inexpensive weed for sale that we provide. Accept our word for it.

What can you find in our selection of weed and its derivatives?

Cannabis Online Hub is brimming with weed varieties naturally cultivated at indoor facilities with no Plant Growth Regulators. Here you can go for top-rated buds and strains, be it indicas, sativas, or blends of the two. Besides, we offer leaf-wrapped cannagars that are currently taking domestic and foreign markets by storm. They are slowly burning cannabis cigars pre-rolled to ensure hours of the enjoyable smoking experience. 

Happy Clients

Secure Delivery

Discreet and secure delivery using USPS to your destination. Tracking number provided.


Quality Weed

We combine beauty & functionality. All weed shipped out is indoor without PGR.


Customer Privacy

Your Data is safe and you wouldn't need to sign upon the delivery of your disguised pack.

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