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What We Do

As the largest coming together of cannabis farms in the Humboldt Are, we offer the following;

Buy weed online and other cannabis products from us today, since you are connecting directly to the grower. Doing this saves a couple bucks as we evade all costs that come with middlemen.  At Chary Mail, you’re sure to have a vast variety of Indoor grown Strains.  High THC or CBD weed online varying with respect to your Recreational or Medical Needs. Our educative Snapchat platform and huge social media presence also helps to encourage enthusiasts to see live videos of our operations. With over 80% of our Strains being THC buds, we assure you of an all-time high experience. We offer weed for sale at affordable prices.
Buying weed online is now easy in a few steps with no further hassle. A name and valid mailing address and you are good to go.

RSO and THC Oil

With our RSO and THC Oil comes;

  • Pain and Inflammation Relief
  • Nausea Reduction
  • Fights Cancer and Reduces Anxiety

Just a Few benefits amongst a hundred reasons to try them out

Strains & Moon Rocks

Our Indica, Sativa & Hybrid strains offer you a huge catalogue with an extensive variety to meet your needs on either end of the spectrum.

Our Elite Moon rocks boasts of a monster outstanding THC. This stand alone bud THC arises from its somehow complicated preparation.

Cannagars & Vape Pens

With our Cannabis Cigars, you’re sure to receive a Cannabis cigar product by nature and contents, hence its the purest cannabis experience.
Our Vape pens and cartridges are the real deal with various ways to check their validity. You can now order full gram vape pens from our store.
Been on your THC Oil for almost a year now; it has been of great help with my neurological Disorder and critical Insomnia issues.
Kathyln Bellamy
Jonesboro, NC
Your RSO oil, was of great help relieving Pains from long working hours and also helped greatly in combating my wife's inflammation which was a great issue we avoided using opoiods for.
Jeffrey Wiggins
Alloa, Scotland
With my Nephew continually suffering from Seizures, your CBD syrup greatly helped out with its Psychoactive effects and also greatly helped in reducing my Nausea.
Skeylore Michelle
Austin, TX

What we Bring to The Table

At Chary Mail, you are certain to find a huge selection of Indoor-grown, High-THC Strains that differ according to your Recreational or Medical Needs.
We have a well-respected staff (the Humboldt Bud Team) that is always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.
With Our Exceptional Customer Service and Vast Shipping Options, We Urge and Guarantee All Our Clients to Become Regulars, Given Our Excellent and Remarkable Performance to Date.

Connect With An Agent Right now to Ask Your Questions

Our extensive huge facility, boasting of 13 indoor farms and 36 extensive greenhouses,
come together to help meet with the needs of the Medical and/or Recreational Cannabis consumer.

With podium places at the 2018 & 2019 cannabis cup, multiple features on High Times, we boast of the most potent flower, concentrates, cannagars, moon rocks & carts.  An avid stoner should posses the confidence to buy weed online grown in & shipped from Humboldt County, California.
Our Cannabis Cigars are also a unique, standout product to further place our brand in the skies.
Humboldt Company Moon rocks are an experience we prefer our fellow stoners to leave remarks. Experienced connoisseurs still get glued to the Couch and the all-time high lasts for hours.
Connect now on Snapchat and get a free cannagar shipped to your precise location. Order marijuana products online from here or our Snapchat channel.
We have a well respected Staff (Humboldt Bud Team), always ready to receive all your Questions and Clarify all your worries  before buying our weed.
With Our Excellent Customer Support and Wide Shipping Options, we urge and ensure all our Clients become regulars with our Excellent and Outstanding run so far.

You could buy weed online now and get it shipped to ALL STATES DISCREETLY.

We already have successful shipping records to AZ, WV, Louisiana, TX, AR, KY, NC, SC, IL, CT, FL, NY, VA,, KS, GA, MN, MO, MI, MS, OH, ME, IA, IN, AL, TN, KY, OK, NM, UT.

Arrival Of Your Buds

The HUMBOLDT BUD Team is at your Disposal 24/7. All orders are Processed in under 3 hours and ready to be shipped out with the Best of Packaging Conditions;
-To Disguise your Package
-Protect your Identity          
-Ensure your buds arrive your precise location on time while fluffy.

-You get your USPS/FedEx tracking number once payment is confirmed

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Moon Rocks Availability

Moon Rocks are being shipped out thrice a week; Mondays, Wednesdays Fridays.
This is due to its HIgh Demand and Complex but thorough Preparatory methods. As a result, we ensure to meet all our Clients’ needs of Quantity and Quality while working by these norms

Shipping & Discounts

All Discount Codes will be provided to clients who are referred to our Hub by any of our Growers via Social Media.
Once you are in possession of a Discount Code, Cannabis Online Hub takes Care of your Shipping Costs and ensures you get an overnight Shipment to your Precise location.

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Shop Online

Choose any product of your choice and get it delivered to your precise location.

Ship Discreetly

Worry not as our team ships in well-disguised bags. Various stealth methods are applicable. 

Free Returns

Other complaints or not satisfied with your pack? Return & Refunds are fully applicable. 

Flexible Payment

We have various flexible payment methods to choose from upon Checkout. 

We are a third-generation family-owned enterprise with huge indoor farms and greenhouses in Eureka, Chico, and Arcata. Our seasoned crew cultivates top cannabis strains, and from our stunning nugs, you’ll experience the finest smoke in Northern California. If you live in Northern California and would want to purchase in quantity, you may do so via pick-up. You may visit our warehouse(s) and receive direct discounts. We may also ship big orders to the East Coast using our trucking lines. Our mission at Chary Mail is to supply consumers with premium products (flowers, concentrates, etc.) at affordable costs. The Chary Mail is your one-stop shop for economical, high-quality bud delivered to your door. Our delivery methods are innovative and discreet, making them secure.
As a first-time shopper with us, you won’t have to wait long for your order. You will never be concerned about purchasing any of our products, regardless of your location. Over the years, we have witnessed how beneficial cannabis may be for patients suffering from various diseases, illnesses, and/or other medical problems.
We are dedicated about educating people about the medicinal benefits of cannabis. In light of this, we offer solutions to both medical and recreational consumers. With our mail order solution, we want to provide clients with the rare but possible service of doorstep delivery.

Packaging & Storage :
We maintain the stock of our Cannabis Flowers, buds and Wax in appropriate conditions to hold on to their quality for a long period. We also have a premium and stern packaging facility in Chico, Eureka & Arcata. The Buds, seeds, concentrates & others are stored, well-sealed in a sterile and safe environment. Our storage facility is well connected to our logistics unit thus ensuring quick delivery and convenient send off.

Delivery :
We give surety of safe and on-time delivery owing to our well maintained stocks, of Medical flowers (Cannabis) and strong supplier base. We are staffed with experienced packaging workers and they ensure that the Cannabis Buds, seeds and wax are disguised such that they reach the buyers in intact and hygienic conditions, without any damage to them.


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