Korova edibles

Korova edibles

The goal of Korova is to offer the greatest cannabis flower and edibles on the market at competitive prices. The foundation of the cannabis company Korova is the belief that providing therapeutic edibles and flower with unmatched strength and exquisite flavor may benefit people. Korova has been improving the medical marijuana community, one delectable edible at a time, by setting the high standard for strong potency and intelligent dosing within the edible sector.

Each and every Korova is created with meticulous planning and care. Each consumable is created in their health department-approved industrial kitchen by a skilled culinary team and qualified food manager who supervises the process from beginning to end using only the best ingredients and premium trim and flower cannabis.

An outstanding pastry chef with years of expertise in the restaurant business, the food manager at Korova makes it his job to ensure that every edible product produced by the company is bursting with mouthwatering flavor.

Korova shipped to San Antonio, Texas / NYC etc

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