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Auto flowering seeds

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auto flowering seeds




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The Auto flowering seeds

We offer both sativa and indica species that doesn’t need much attention from it’s caretaker. This makes the ak47 seeds suitable for both newbie as well as advanced cannabis lovers that are seeking an excellent quality weed. During the growth the plant generates huge buds with a dense structure, loaded with THC crystals. It is therefore not without reason that the AK 47 seeds are popular with both commercial as well as residence farmers. However, there is a factor of interest. The strain can produce a solid odor during the flowering period.

Blooming time

The flowering time of this stress is quite brief. Within a blooming cycle of no less than 53 to 63 days the plant is ready for gathering. Although the plant is generally ideal for indoor farming, outside farmers can gather their plant at the end of October.


Returns are respectable. Nevertheless, the optimum return depends upon whether the stress is expanded inside or outdoors. Indoors, farmers can anticipate a maximum yield of 350 – 450 grams per m2. Outdoors, the yields are a little bit larger with a maximum of 425 – 575 grams per m2.

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Seed Type

Feminized Seeds, Auto-Flowering Seeds


Dozen, 24 Seeds, 50 Seeds, 100 Seeds


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