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Backwoods Cigars Dark Leaf 8 Packs of 5






Backwoods Cigars Dark Leaf 8 Packs of 5Have you been looking for a smooth, naturally-flavored sweet cigar? If so, then Backwoods Dark Leaf Cigars are totally worth a try! These natural Maduro-colored cigars are loaded with tantalizing flavor. They have a distinctive aroma and have been wrapped with a genuine, all-natural leaf wrapper!

When you tear open a fresh pack of these Backwoods Dark Leaf Cigars, you’ll immediately smell their sweet and mellow scent. Furthermore, they have a gentle and naturally sweet flavor for a refreshing, smooth, and comfortable smoke. Since they don’t use paper wrappers, you’ll get more of a tobacco kick as well! The genuine leaf wrappers of these cigars add to their delightful flavor profile and natural appeal.

Moreover, since we sell these delicious cigars at close to wholesale prices, you’ll get an even better value! Plus, at Buy Pipe Tobacco, we offer fast nationwide delivery and unparalleled customer service.

  • Shape: Cigarillos
  • Size:  4.55″ x 27
  • Wrapper Color: Maduro
  • Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Manufacturer: ALTADIS

Backwoods Dark Leaf is a cigarillo with a delicious rum flavor, which comes rolled up on a broad leaf, with a dark tobacco aged for 12 months to preserve that unmatched flavor that characterizes it. Available in Buitrago Cigars.


Backwoods Cigars
Cigar Box
Machine Made:
40 Cigars
4.55″ x 27
Dark Leaf


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