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Bluntville Triple Wrapped Pink Diva




Here at Backwoods corner, we’re always trying new things. And our newest flavor is the Pink Diva Bluntville Triple Wrapped Cigar. These cigarillos are handmade in Nicaragua and feature a patented ‘Fast or Slow burn’ process, making them ideal for situations where you may be short on time as well as those where you may want to relax and rest. Guaranteeing their freshness, these mild and smooth cigars come in special “EverFresh” packaging. The Bluntville Triple Wrap Pink Diva cigar is sold in a 25-count carton, with one cigar in each of the individual pouches. Backwoods for sale Perth


Bluntville Triple Wrapped Pink Diva Bluntville Triple Wrapped Pink Diva Bluntville Triple Wrapped Pink Diva  backwoods for sale Perth  backwoods for sale Perth
5 x 30 25 Singles Natural Strength Mild Nicaragua

When you’ve tried all the varieties of Bluntville, you’ll agree that the Triple Vanilla Cigars are the best. These cigars are create with high-quality tobaccos and come in a variety of delicious flavors. After sampling all of the many kinds of Bluntville products, you’ll come to the conclusion that the Triple Vanilla Cigars are the most superior. These cigars are make with tobaccos of the highest quality, and they are offered in a wide variety of flavor profiles that are very mouthwatering.

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Cigarillos should be savore and appreciated for what they are. But in today’s fast-paced world, it’s difficult to relax and enjoy even a single puff of a premium cigar. Now you can, thanks to the “Fast or Slow Burning” system introduced recently in BluntVille. You won’t have to waste a half-smoked cigar again or relight an old one. Bluntville’s triple wrap, which allows you to adjust the burn rate by peeling away a layer, is the secret. With BluntVille’s one-of-a-kind foil packaging, you can rest assure that each and every cigar will be sent to you in pristine condition. There is also a 25-count package available, with each pouch containing a single cigar. Backwoods for sale Perth


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