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Davidoff Evolve Purple Mist




Davidoff Evolve Purple Mist. The line boasts Davidoff tobacco qualities but is compacted in a King Size cigarette format featuring an innovative Combo-Filter and a premium cigarette paper.

Class A Tobaccos Advanced Sensation Filter.
* Selected Premium Tobaccos
* Purple Sensation
* Reduced Smoke Smell
Each unit includes 10 packs of 20 cigarettes (total 200 cigarettes).

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Pack of 20, Box of 200

12 reviews for Davidoff Evolve Purple Mist

  1. Avatar of Matthew Taylor

    Matthew Taylor

    The Davidoff Evolve Purple Mist, an absolute delight, evokes ethereal sensations. A puff of serenity amidst chaos.

  2. Avatar of Noah Smith

    Noah Smith

    This purple-hued marvel is an enigma of flavor. It transcends traditional notions of smoking pleasure.

  3. Avatar of Benjamin Adams

    Benjamin Adams

    Inhaling its essence, I felt an eldritch calmness wash over me. A dance of lavender tendrils in my soul.

  4. Avatar of Caleb


    With each draw, the kaleidoscope of flavors spiraled through my senses, a hypnotic journey.

  5. Avatar of GreenGoddess420


    To partake in the Purple Mist is to enter a realm of mystique, where words falter.

  6. Avatar of Lucas Hall

    Lucas Hall

    Evolve Purple Mist defies expectations, a symphony of enigmatic notes, an odyssey of the senses.

  7. Avatar of HighFlyer710


    It’s like sipping twilight through a straw, the night’s embrace in a slender tube.

  8. Avatar of D Rivera

    D Rivera

    It whispers secrets of the night, an alluring dance with shadows. A moonlit reverie.

  9. Avatar of Sarah Patel

    Sarah Patel

    The blend’s complexity is its strength, an intrigue that never wanes.

  10. Avatar of Alex Turner

    Alex Turner

    This cigarette’s allure is not to be underestimated, a masterpiece in a slender form.

  11. Avatar of Olivia Roberts

    Olivia Roberts

    With Purple Mist, Davidoff conjures a bewitching elixir, a potion for the nocturnal soul.

  12. Avatar of Isabella


    It’s not just smoking; it’s an experience, a communion with the enigmatic.

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