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Dirty Banana strain



Dirty Banana weed strain for sale

According to a prominent client, Dirty Banana has a kiwi-like aroma and a banana-like flavor. This increased fruitiness is the result of an abundance of terpenes and flavonoids. The scent is quite overwhelming; it is pleasingly sour and honey-sweet. Surprisingly, the banana flavor carries over throughout the smoking, along with zesty terpenes and something chocolate-like. The bud is densely packed, and each petal is covered with crystals, giving them a paler appearance than they would otherwise have.

This was the May release for which I was most eager. The kind of cannabis that gets me enthusiastic about where I work and what I do. This year, EastCann debuted in Ontario with Crunch Berry Kush, a can that blew me away. It was definitely grown by individuals who care about the concerns of daily smokers. Even at home, I reserve a can for a special occasion.

And Dirty Banana exceeded even these lofty anticipations! It possesses unusual genetics that provide cause for excitement. Banana OG x Kush Mints #11. Heavy Indica genetics and terpenes are inherited from both parents, but the Banana’s limonene and Kush Mints’ pinene create a wonderful balance. Then, when opening the can, the level of freshness is astounding. Perfectly spongey, these dense buds are nevertheless quite light, making it appear as though I received 7 as opposed to 3.5. The second photograph was taken after around half of the cigarette was consumed. The odor that first comes to mind is earthy, but unmistakably sweet. It has a distinct tea-like aroma that really bursts when ground, similar to a Romulan or Nuken that is more musky.

Regarding affects, I was once again reminded of their exceptional Crunch Berry cut. Despite containing 28% THC, the high is more subtle and creeper-like. But be advised! In conjunction with their excellent cure and freshness, it is all too simple to smoke bowl after bowl without recognizing how much you’ve consumed. With all of its uplifting characteristics, the swell is transformed into the ideal beachweed. There is no way to avoid squinting, yet you’ll have enough stamina to play volleyball or sprint in slow motion. It provides an abundance of bodily comfort, and I immediately felt my shoulders drop. Bliss

Dirty banana weed strain is ideal for a day off wake-and-bake, Netflix-and-chill (real or not), or rolling a giant blunt without coughing up a lung. If you’re looking for a heavyweight, you can do better, but if you’re seeking for quality and incomparable freshness, this is it. Plus, it’s natural! EastCann, please bring your other strains to Ontario; between your Black Dolato and your new Citradelic Sunset, I’m hankering for more exotic varieties. Spongy, sticky, and so incredibly fresh.

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