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fun guy mushroom chocolate bar

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Curative Fun Guy Mushroom Chocolate Bar Vegan Blend


Fun Guy Meaning

Fun Guy is mostly misinterpreted by internet search results when for example typing on Google as two separate words “fun” and “guy” and so therefore gives the results of the combination of the two words being a man who is Jovial and Hilarious and shows results from the urbandictionary.

However, when funguy is mentioned in the psychedelic society, it is in most cases refered to the psilocybin mushroom chocolate brand funguy which most people consume for several reason. You can visit our Blog section to know more.

The Funguys mushrooms tree bar tastes great and is marbled with cream. You can satisfy your chocolate cravings with a bar that is 100% natural, 70% less sweet than most chocolate bars, and certified vegan. All Funguys Mushroom chocolate bars are made with organic cocoa that is 100% pure. If you like how the Funguy mushrooms taste like chocolate, you’ll love this slightly more expensive chocolate bark. The chocolate treat has layers of chunky, chewy bark that is rich and creamy. Mix your favorite Funguy mushrooms with organic cocoa to make the recipe. Make sure you don’t heat the bark too much in the microwave.


The Legality Of Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bar 

Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bar is illegal to sell as a commercial product in the United States. The FDA forbids its retail sale, and customers cannot purchase it directly from the producer. So technically, it is illegal because the FDA won’t allow it to be sold. If you want to know, The legality of a Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bar is questionable, as no human or animal trials have been done on the product. Although Funguy claims that the product is made entirely of organic mushrooms, no evidence proves the product’s organic food rating. The only available information is the ingredients: organic mushrooms. There are no results or proof regarding the health benefits of this product, and based on its ingredients, there are very minimal health benefits, if any. Therefore, the first problem with Funguy is the lack of proof regarding its health benefits. 


Effects Of A Funky Mushroom Chocolate Bar

One chocolate bar featuring a flavor of mushrooms is the Funguy Chocolate Bar. It is well known for having a flavor reminiscent of mushrooms. This chocolate bar’s effects are comparable to those of magic mushrooms. You’ll experience similar effects to a magic mushroom, including euphoria, psychedelics, excitement, and altered perception. The benefits of the mushroom chocolate bar, however, will last for two to three hours, and you’ll feel a little bit tired and relaxed after that.


What Exactly Is A Chocolate Funguy Mushroom Bar Made Of?

Rich Belgian chocolate and a savory concoction of cocoa, peanut butter, and crushed Funguy mushrooms are used to make these delectable sweets. These substantial snacks are fantastic because they are individually wrapped, making them portable and simple to share with friends, family, and coworkers. They make an excellent addition to any chocolate collection, a nice gift for a chocolate enthusiast, or a fun addition to your next candy buffet.


Are Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bars Vegan?

Funguy Chocolate is completely vegan, and they include no dairy, eggs, or other animal products. This is because they are devoid of gluten, nuts, and soy and are made without artificial flavors, preservatives, or added colors.

We recommend eating it within six months of when it was produced because the chocolate may go bad.


What Exactly Is In A Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

Each bar has a total of 28g, or 56% of your daily value for fiber, and is sweetened naturally without artificial sweeteners. Stevia is used to sweeten it naturally. It is devoid of any substances derived from animals or the dairy industry. Each bar has 10g of sugar and 10g of protein. 5g of carbohydrates and 11g of fat are present. Funguy is cholesterol-free. Low sodium content. Potassium levels are high. It is a good source of zinc, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and thiamin. Both calcium and copper are present. Both manganese and selenium are present. It has vitamin C in it. Iron is present. It includes vitamin B1. Niacin is in it. It includes zinc.

What Procedures Are Involved In Making A Homemade Funguy Mushroom Chocolate Bar?

The mushroom, sometimes known as an edible mushroom, is the main component in the homemade chocolate-mushroom concoction. On decaying trees and other plant matter, this kind of fungus can be found, according to the website Edible Wild Plants. According to the website, the mushroom, sometimes referred to as a fungus, has a lot of nutrients and antioxidant capabilities. According to the website, there are various types, and the chocolate bar uses the body of the mushroom. Open the button, remove the insides, and set the button on a piece of foil. This will be utilized in the production of chocolate.