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Grape Backwoods Pack of 5






Backwoods Grape Pack of 5 cigars

Our store is the best place to get Backwoods Grape Pack of 5 cigars. It’s easy to spot a pack of Backwoods Grape Cigars by its frayed end and unique packaging. Altadis U.S.A., Inc. makes these rugged cigars. The grape flavor in these rare cigars from the backwoods is superb. One five-cigar pack is included in each order. However, you can also Grape backwoods near me, backwoods cigars flavors, packs of backwoods

It is important to note that the European Union and a few other nations have prohibited flavored cigars and cigarettes.
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Grape Cigars near me

  • Cigar-like in form
  • Cigar Ring Size: 27 mm Size: Medium Length: 114 mm / 4.55″
    The Maduro wrapper is a dark brown.
    The Altadis Company of the United States of America is the producer.

Single backwoods

Do they originate from the Dominican Republic, or did a cowboy in the old West roll them?

Truth be told, they’re hand-rolled by skilled artisans in the Dominican Republic from premium tobacco that’s been aged for at least a year to bring out its inherent sweetness before being flavored. Backwoods cigars flavors, pack of backwoods

spends your money on some rare cigars from the woods. When Backwoods cigars were first released to the public on a national scale in 1981, they became an instant hit. Cigar smokers were particularly fond of the “WILD & MILD” variety due to its unconventional shape and appearance (a frayed end, tapering body, and unfinished head).