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Korova black bar (1000mg)



Korova Black Bar Brownie for sale

The 20-dose medical cannabis Black Bar is the mother of all medicated brownies and the strongest edible offered by Korova. 20 grams of dried cannabis contain 1000mg THC and 12mg CBD. One of these 50mg doses is EXTREMELY POTENT, so use caution while determining the right amount for you at first. It is 2 to 3 times the industry average.

Korova cookies

The most potent edibles on the market are what we are known for, according to several California collectives and patients. We also offer them at competitive prices. For our goods, one “dose” is equal to 50 mg.
Many people “dose” these edibles instead of consuming them whole and all at once.

This allows them to divide a 10-dose 5150 bar into 10 pieces, each equaling 50 mg. Or they can cut it into any desired milligram size and store the remaining portion in resealable packaging for a later date.
Not every patient has the same medical requirements or tolerance limits.

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Our 3-dose 150 mg chocolate chip cookie and 3-dose 150 mg triple chocolate brownie are two of those nine goods. To get 50 mg doses, they can be divided into three pieces for patients with lower tolerance. They are also aware that they can divide each dose in half to produce 25 mg portions. Purchase Korova Black Bar Brownies.

The strongest stuff available! Be cautious!

Ingredients: cocoa powder, chocolate pudding mix, chocolate bark, eggs, brown sugar, sugar, cannabutter, baking powder, and vanilla extract.

Contains a cannabis strain that is “Hybrid”

20 grams of dry marijuana are contained.

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