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Live resin Diamonds



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Indica Dominant Hybrid

94.55% THCa

82.92% THC

Lineage: Slymer x Extreme OG x Skywalker

Raw Diamond Live Resin Diamonds are varietal specific terpenes and THCa crystallines made from single-source fresh frozen flowers


Live resin Diamonds for sale.

Buy Raw Live Resin Diamonds sauce online at affordable prices today. Be confident your Diamonds sauce for shipped is 100% Marijuana concentrate— no ingredients, fillers or artificial tastes. Made from Marijuana flower grown by Raw Yard in Central The golden state utilizing totally organically-based as well as Clean Green-certified farming methods that is Cryogenically Flash-Frozen instantly at harvest.

Buy Diamond Sauce online

We process our live rosin Diamond from live resin but  Mining can be processed with cured resin from our cured flowers. As with all removal, the premiere product is the crucial to everything that complies with, and also there are no routes or workarounds when it involves this step– order our most potent and strongest marijuana on deck. Every strain choice possesses idiosyncratic qualities pertaining to the liquid diamonds resin stability, condensation potential and so forth. Though mainly being a scientific approach, our extraction technique is more of a pure form of art. Every flavor we choose to process fits the preferred final result from our exclusive experimentation.

How do we manufacture diamond wax?

The procedure begins in the same manner as all BHO products, with butane extraction. Once we have successfully extracted the unaffected, pure, living diamond rosin, we conduct a light, vacuum-free cleanup at temperatures between 95 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit. This will release the majority of the residual solvent, but not all of it. Now, we place the liquid diamonds resin into containers and allow a few weeks for natural separation to occur. During this period, cannabinoid crystals will begin to form at the bottom of the jar. As the crystal clear solids separate from the pure terpenes, a semi-viscous liquid layer forms on the surface. When our team of specialists is satisfied with the crystal stacking, we prepare the solvent for its final purge. The process of making diamond sauce is quite technical, and diamond wax must be produced by professionals.
Separating the liquid layer from the crystals and removing them separately is the next step. Typically, the terpene layer is less fluid, making it easier to pour off. This allows for a longer cleanup time for the crystals, approximately 72 hours as opposed to 59 hours for the terp sauce. If for some reason our layers are difficult to separate, the entire set can be purged collectively, but for less time than a shatter; We typically remove shatter for at least 100 hours, but with Ruby Mining, the material has already been partially removed and has been off-gassing in the container for weeks. This is what makes the process so complicated that it should not be attempted at home or without expert supervision.

After the purge is complete, we recombine the liquid with solid products and package them, preferably in a UV-resistant container to prevent terpene loss. The natural separation of cannabinoids and terpenes utilized in this process is discernible but not exhaustive. This means the terpene-rich semi-fluid portion will still contain between 30 and 50 percent cannabinoids.

THCA diamonds resin price and thca isolate for sale

Our THCA diamonds are produced with core indica flowers of an outstanding THC. We have both the Raw Garden diamonds & Diamond boys extracts. Our THCA sand is the best you can get out of Humboldt County, CA. Order these liquid diamond live resin or terp crystals and good discounts. We also offer good quality thca isolate.

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5 Grams, 10 grams, 14.25 grams (Half ounce), 28.5 grams (Ounce), 57 grams (2 ounces)

Strain Choice

Mix of Flavors (2.5 grams per jar), Strawberry Diesel (S), Strawberry Blonde (S), Blueberry Blast (S), Orange Soda (S), Orange Crush (S), Wedding Crasher (H), Creme Brulee (H), Strawberries & Cream (H), Pink Acai (H), Chem Haze (H), Banana OG (H), Wedding Cake (H), Ice Cream Cake (H) White Cherry Pie (H), Purple Ice Cream (H), Triple Platinum (I), Watermelon Z (I), Appleberry Kush (I), Presidential OG (I), Grape Pie (I), Girl Scout Cookies (I), Grape Sorbet (I), Zkittles (I), Garlic Mints (I), Slurricane (I), Cherry Pie (I), Papaya (I)