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NS Cone packer / Cannagar 2.0 set

NS Cone packer Jr. Cone Packer Fast Pack For Prerolls Pre-rolled Pre Rolled Cones 110mm Or Shorter Cones Dense As You Want Made In The USA By NS, distibuted bt Chary Mail & Also Used In The Cannagar 2.0 Kit.



  • If you are tired of your cones being weak, floppy burning down one side and running. If you desire a longer burning smoke and want more material in your cones. Answer is Cone Packer Jr. THE Patent SPRING Action allows you to hold the packer off the surface and settle the material and then lower to the surface packing the cone as tight as you desire this makes for a solid burn for much longer and makes a much more durable smoke. This also makes for a quick clean process more perfect cones faster.
  • NS CONE PACKER JR IS YOUR ANSWER. Finely ground your material using the Cone Packer instruction card and load the packer 3 to 5 parts at a time. Load less in the beginning because you are loading the smallest part of the cone near the stent. Then hold the Packer in the air settling the material then you can lower to the surface packing the material as tight and dense as desired. Repeat this process 3 to 5 times or until the cone is full.
  • Cone Packer works with most pre-rolled cones sizes up to 110mm in length.The Cone packer Jr. pre-roll cone loader/packer is made from the highest quality polycarbonate, virtually indestructible and made to last forever in the USA. The Cone packer Jr. gives you the luxury of filling your favorite cones fast and packing them as dense as you’d like. The patent product Patent No. 10,647,529 was designed and made in California U.S.A. by connoisseurs and is backed by a lifetime guarantee.
  • If into cannagars and desire a much longer burn like 1 to 3 HOURS Yes HOURS! Use the Cone Packer for the best cannagar mold made. Make add upto 10 Grams mold ad pack as seen on youtube add some solventless concentrates from your NS Heat Press a glass tip then wrap it with your favorite wrap as seen on youtube and elsewhere SEE $1000 Blunt On youtube. Also see Cannagar 2.0 by NS sold on Amazon. THIS PRODUCT MADE FOR PROFESSIONALS!