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robhots gummies


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robhots gummies for sale

Robhots gummies Indica, Sativa, and Hyrbid Rosin-Infused Adult Use Gummies are here (in Colorado, California and all 52 states).

Our newest product is now available in Colorado and it is truly an elevated edible experience. Each batch of our new Hybrid, Indica, and Sativa Robhots are infused with premium rosin and made with 100% all-natural flavors & colors. You’ll find zero artificial colors, dyes, or flavors as well as zero solvents from the marijuana extraction in our newest Robhots. We’re also using only the best rosin or live rosin for these edibles as we can find, and won’t be infusing them with just any “food-grade” hash rosin.

We’ve had requests for an Indica or Sativa edible for years, but didn’t want to just label an edible as such to sell a product. We waited until the hash industry has caught up to where now really quality hash and rosin is readily available, and affordable enough to make it an option for the everyday consumer – not just the connoisseurs in the market.

Robhots Edibles are available in Colorado, Maryland, and Missouri, with many more states . We are available for both Adult Use and Medical sales.

1,000mg Robhots Gummies

(Twenty 50mg Gummies per pack)


Our new Indica, Sativa, Hybrid Robhots:

  • Have twenty 5mg gummeis per pack

  • Indica, Hyrbid, and Sativa options

  • Two different gummy flavors per pack

  • Made from scratch using 100% all-natural flavors and colors

  • Are infused with premium rosin

  • 100% solvent free



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