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RSO capsules

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RSO capsules 100 mg for sale online

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How does RSO capsules for pain make you high?

RSO capsules contain RSO which is an ethanol-extracted, full-spectrum, THC-rich concentrate. It has a long history of analgesic, sedative, and possibly anticancer properties.

Why use capsules 100mg vs edibles?

RSO pills have a number of medical benefits. They are a smoke-free, inhalation-free route of administration in a familiar and simple to use format. And, because RSO has a delicate balance of molecules that interact, it is critical not to lose any of these compounds, such as flavonoids, which are known to be reduced by inhalation approaches.

The pills’ effects often endure longer than those of other treatments. MÜV EnCaps technology results in a faster onset time than conventional capsules due to improved cannabis absorption. Furthermore, capsules provide exact administration.
Encapsulation Improves Bioavailability

MÜV EnCaps, our proprietary micro-encapsulation technique, encapsulates fatty, lipid-based cannabinoids, which are naturally not water-soluble, in a micelle “envelope” to transform them into water-soluble molecules.

As a result, RSO capsules are better absorbed by the body. This also hastens its efficacy.
Not for Beginners

It should be noted that RSO is a strong cannabis treatment, and when paired with the effectiveness of our ethanol extraction and our encapsulation technique, which enhances absorption, patients should proceed with caution when attempting RSO capsules.

Those who are new to medical cannabis should start with the RSO Full Extract Oil, which is available in the MÜV Measured Dose Syringe, before progressing to RSO capsules. This allows patients to start with smaller amounts and work their way up to the ideal dosage. If the patient achieves the required effects at 25 mg, capsules are another alternative.

The suggested dosage is one capsule (25 mg).

Typically, onset occurs within 15 to 30 minutes.

Duration of Effects: Approximately 4 to 6 hours

80 dollars per bottle (750 milligrams)

Vegan- and gluten-friendly

RSO capsules 500mg for sleep or pain.

Additional information

Number of capsules

30 capsules/25mg (750 mg cup), 10 capsules/50mg (single card/500mg), 20 capsules/50mg (2 cards/1000mg), 50 capsules/50mg (small box/2500), 100 capsules/50mg (big box/10 cards)


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