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RSO oil for sale


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RSO oil for sale online, where can you buy rso for cancer?

Buy RSO from our Hub at reasonable costs. Your RSO will be delivered to your home discretely. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), is an edible or topical cannabis oil extract named after Rick Simpson. To make RSO essence, we extract cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis trichomes with a solvent. While grain alcohol is the primary solvent for RSO synthesis, we use other solvents such as butane or ethanol occasionally. To begin with, we place the weed strain in a huge container and add some alcohol. The team blends and smashes the flower before combining the with the alcohol. Furthermore, we empty the residual plant matter of its alcohol into clean pipes. We boil the final mixture in our pressure vessel to evaporate all the alcohol. The end result is a pure RSO (CBD/THC oil) with a high concentration deeper in color and thicker in consistency. Our RSO is perfect for use in syringe-style applicators or tinctures due to the very gradual and logarithmic nature of oxidation, making full advantage of this considerable preservation benefit.

The research on RSO oil for cancer and THC potency.

Real-Life Stories of Cancer Survivors Who Used RSO Oil for Treatment

After reading a 1975 research on cannabinoids in lung cancer mice, Rick Simpson tried cannabis oil. THC and CBD inhibited lung cancer growth in mice. Since then, cannabinoids have been studied in cell samples and animal models. Our RSO oil for cancer has been a huge success with most of our Cancer patients and they now are regulars. While its been promising so far, more long-term research is needed to completely understand how different cannabinoids and cannabis strains affect cancer cells.

THC and CBD extracts were tested with radiation on mice in 2014. Cannabis extracts enhanced radiation treatment for severe brain cancer. The study authors propose that THC and CBD may help cancer cells respond better to radiation therapy.

THC boosted lung and brain cancer cell proliferation in another human cell investigation. Early-stage cancer clinical trials have been conducted recently. These studies have established that cannabinoids are safe for cancer patients, but they have not proven their efficacy.


A 14-year-old child with a particular leukemia was reported in 2013. Her family and Rick Simpson created hemp oil, a cannabis resin extract, which she consumed everyday. She tried different oils with variable results. However, the hemp oils appeared to heal her cancer, but she died two months later from a gastrointestinal issue.

RSO oil for cancer dosage chart.

rso oil dosing for a month
Rick Simpson Oil dosage chart for a month

RSO typically contains considerable amounts of THC. RSO oil helps a great deal with cancer in slowing down the multiplication of cancerous cells.

RSO capsules also help a great deal

What is the distinction between Rick Simpson Oil as well as CBD Oil?

Although both are generated from cannabis, they are extremely distinct.
CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. In contrast, RSO oil is derived from marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive, but Rick Simpson Oil is.
Both CBD and RSO are beneficial, however when it comes to combating cancer cells, RSO is way more effective.

What are the benefits of RSO oil alongside its composition & physical appearance?

Discover the Surprising Health Benefits of RSO Oil: A Comprehensive Guide

  • Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a viscous, dark-brown or black oil with a high potency. A strong blend of therapeutic chemicals, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
  • RSO was developed by a Canadian scientist named Rick Simpson to treat an aggressive form of skin cancer. Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma and began studying the effects of THC on cancer cells. He then made cannabis oil, which he put on his skin. His malignant cells were said to be gone after only four days.
  • Simpson, convinced of the medicinal benefits of marijuana, planted his own cannabis, harvested his own plants, and manufactured additional cannabis-infused oil, now known as RSO. Learn about RSO’s mechanism of action and how to utilize it as a natural wellness supplement.
    A single syringe of our RSO for sale typically contains roughly 1000mg of THC; however, this varies according to the resource product used. RSO is often manufactured from indica plants that are strong in THC; however, we use any strain of our choosing in the preparation of RSO. The strains we use, as well as the moisture content of the plants themselves, will undoubtedly influence our final output. The strains used also influence the consistency and color of the oil. A few plants produce a light amber color with a thick consistency, but others produce a thicker and darker uniformity. In many situations, other parts of the plant, such as fan leaves, are used in the mix to extract the most cannabinoids from the plant. This will undoubtedly cause the finished product to have a more astringent flavor and a darker hue.
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Can you smoke RSO oil with its THC potency?

When using RSO oil, our specialists propose a specific technique. The goal is to consume 60 grams of RSO oil over the course of 105 days. You must take three doses every day for the first 21 days of treatment: morning, afternoon, and evening. Because of RSO’s potential, its initial dose should be roughly equivalent to half a grain of rice. After the first week, the dosage should be increased every four days. It will take three to five weeks for the daily dose of RSO to reach one gram. Take a complete gram each day until all 60 grams have been consumed. The most common negative effects of RSO consumption are excessive tiredness and psychoactivity. The body will eventually adjust to the increased RSO dosage; this usually takes three to four weeks.

How much RSO oil should you buy & consume?

  • RSO is a turned on solution that needs no warm to be put on it in order to work. Instead, RSO is most generally eaten sublingually, consumed by mouth, or applied topically.
  • Merely use the syringe that it is available in to press out some oil onto a spoon, under your tongue, onto your skin, or into foods as well as fluids that mix well, and appreciate.
  • Because of its big THC content, and also due to the fact that RSO is normally made from hefty indica strains that produce very solid whole-body effects, it’s important to be really careful when dosing it.
  • It is recommended that beginners start without any more than an oil bead concerning the size of one grain of rice. As your tolerance goes up and also the results begin to appear much less powerful, boost your dose by no more than an additional grain of rice. Going sluggish minimizes the chance of experiencing any one of THC’s unwanted side effects.

Buying CBD oil, RSO oil vs edibles

What is the distinction between Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) and CBD Oil?
While both are generated from cannabis, they are vastly different.
Typically, CBD products are sourced from the hemp plant. RSO oil, in contrast, is extracted from cannabis. Rick Simpson Oil is psychoactive, but CBD is not. We offer genuine rso oil for sale.
CBD and RSO have both been shown to be beneficial to humans, but when it comes to eliminating cancer cells, RSO is the more crucial component.

RSO oil price and shipping across State lines

We exclusively sell authentic Rick Simpson oil & guarantee on-time, undamaged shipping. If you do not have a medical marijuana card, your item will be shipped via USPS or FedEx in unmarked parcels. Browse our online store to promptly purchase RSO oil.

CBD, on the other hand, is a nonpsychoactive cannabinoid that is typically found in hemp (classified as cannabis containing less than 0.3% THC). RSO is a highly concentrated type of cannabis that often contains massive quantities of THC.
RSO differs from CBD oils due to its greater psychoactivity and narrower focus.
The commercial RSO contains close to one hundred distinct cannabinoids (substances). CBD, in contrast, includes a single cannabinoid.






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