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Rectal Cannabis Suppositories (RSO Suppositories)



Where to buy RSO suppositories?

Cannabis suppositories may be the most effective kind of pain relief & colon cancer.

Many people are becoming familiar with cannabis suppositories as one of the many cannabis consumption or use methods. Although it is becoming more and more common, there haven’t been many clinical trials on this administration route yet. But given that so many medications are administered to patients in this way, it seems like a sensible and safer option than smoking marijuana. We go over the possible advantages and justifications for taking cannabis suppositories in this post.

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How Do Cannabis RSO Suppositories Work in the Body?

Cannabis suppositories appear to be the subject of intense discussion over whether they facilitate absorption, lead to intoxication, or lessen pain sensations. The amount of research done so far is small because it has primarily focused on animals rather than people. Despite this, patients continue to provide positive feedback, with the general belief being that cannabis suppositories do not make them feel drunk. Some people prefer the suppositories because they do not like the traditional high that they get from smoking or consuming cannabis products that are heavy in THC. According to recent studies, suppositories absorb locally, much like topicals, rather than being metabolized systemically.

There are several nerves in the vagina and rectum that run up the spine and down the legs. Cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, which are found in the colon in particular, are in charge of carrying out many of THC’s beneficial effects. Cannabis-infused carrier oils are combined with cannabis-infused oils to create suppositories, which melt when they come into touch with body heat. There is substantial evidence that suppositories are particularly useful in treating local ailments like inflammation and hemorrhoids, despite the heated controversy over whether they allow cannabis to enter the circulation. Suppositories are a good alternative for individuals who are unable to take prescription medications orally, even if they are only effective locally.

Cannabis Suppositories for Women’s Pain Management

Everyone is disputing and discussing rectal absorption of THC, and whether [cannabis oil extracts] and other formulations are absorbed into the bloodstream or not, according to Ben Odell, Content Director at cannabis company Foria Wellness. However, we have no interest in making people high. Instead, they have been effective in developing products that reduce bodily pain and discomfort. Foria manufactures high-CBD and high-THC suppositories for vaginal use in addition to rectal suppositories, with patients favoring the latter. It’s interesting to note that Foria and Harvard neuroscientist Dr. Staci Gruber have just teamed up to research and monitor the efficiency of CBD suppositories in female users.

Suppositories are routinely used in gynecology, notes Melanie Bone, an obstetrician/gynecologist (OB/GYN) with a practice in Florida who has been practicing for 30 years. She specialized in managing uterine pain in elderly patients. “It’s true we utilize suppositories kind of commonly in gynecology,” she said for a Weedmaps piece. The mucosal surface of the vagina has a tremendous capacity to absorb. Many of the people I care for have disease entities that could benefit from cannabis. It’s a good delivery system, in my opinion. In this manner, estrogen can be delivered. I reasoned that if you can send all of those things in that manner, why not distribute cannabis as well? What better method to get your product to its objective than to place it there, especially for uterine pain?”

Suppositories for Sciatica, Pelvic Pain & rectal RSO Suppositories for colon cancer.

Rectal suppositories mostly help conditions that affect the lower parts of the body because the rectum is a part of the digestive tract and close to the spine (which regulates the lower torso). Cannabis suppositories are not a new method of administration; they have long been given to cancer patients who are unable to take oral medications because of nausea brought on by chemotherapy. According to Foria, the most frequent causes of suppositories used rectally today are: cramping during periods, hemorrhoid inflammation, lower back pain, sciatica, irritable intestines, and problems with clitoral/penile arousal.

Depending on the individual and the symptoms they encounter, the best way to consume cannabis will vary. Experimentation is necessary in order to determine what is optimal. Why not try suppositories then? Distinct dose, terpene, and strain variations cause different reactions in people. Some people are unable to smoke cannabis owing to respiratory problems, while others discover that taking oils causes IBS or acid reflux, or they would rather not use tinctures that include alcohol. Perhaps specific problems like sciatica and endometriosis do not respond well to the more usual ways of pain relief. Suppositories frequently provide pain relief where other approaches fail.

Should I Use Medical Marijuana?

The ability of medicinal marijuana to treat your disease depends on a number of variables best assessed by a doctor. The first step if you think medical marijuana could help you is to fill out our eligibility survey. You might pre-qualify for a Florida medicinal marijuana recommendation in only five minutes. Following a physical examination, a Florida medical marijuana doctor can decide whether you meet the requirements.

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