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Throwback Backwoods


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Throwback Backwoods for sale

Undoubtedly, no two cigars are same. The cigar’s master blender’s palate determines how robust the flavor will be. The amazing claim made by Backwoods Cigars is that no two cigars are the same.

On the other side, the all-natural flavors of Throwback Cigars are challenged. Can they match Backwoods’ special blend, or will they concede to claim superiority? As we uncover these two master manufacturers’ secrets, let’s see for ourselves.

Backcountry Cigars
Backwoods Cigars has built a reputation since 1973 thanks to aggressive advertising that astounded people. However, their flavor is where their fame’s real secret lies. No two Backwoods or cigars are exactly alike.

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Russian Cream, Sweet Aromatic, Black Velvet, Wild Berry, Banana Nana, Cherry Blizz, Original Taste


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