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Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake strain helps our clients with;

  • Anxiety 21% of our clients say it helps calm their anxiety
  • Stress 19% of our clients say it helps them suppress stress
  • Depression 16% of our clients say it helps them with depression



Wedding cake weed strain for sale online

Wedding Cake is a really potent hybrid weed strain crossbreed with indica-dominance. We get this beautiful weed strain from the cross of Cherry Pie as well as Girl Precursor Cookies (GSC). It offers an extremely sweet aromatic essence as well as a fruity flavor. The results from this crossing is the best combination of cherry pie’s fruity nature & cookies’ sweetness combined. It works as a relaxing agent and also cravings stimulant, and is fairly handy for people who symptoms associated with depression; fibromyalgia, MS and also various other such relevant symptoms. It may work as a sedative for individuals, however does assist in soothing down nerves or controlling stress and symptoms stimulating anxiety. Although it could not totally obstruct your emphasis and also energy levels, it will certainly cause the typical drying of eyes as well as mouth.

Buy Wedding Cake weed strain online:

This certain medical cannabis is grown inside. It is observed to include a THC degree of 25%. In regards to physical features, it is formed like evergreen and looks dense in its structural kind. It is fairly chilly looking as well as has dark eco-friendly leaves. This particular medical marijuana is additionally thickly spruced up with orange hair throughout it. It is most normally understood for its sweet taste, along with high potency worth.

Wedding Cake exhibits a unique aroma of sweet berry, musk, and hashy spice that remains earthy on the palate after exhaling. The effects are initially cerebral, but they later settle down into the body to relax and soothe limbs.
This cross of Big Bud and Fucking Incredible may offer relief from depression, minor physical pain, and migraines.

 Our Consumer reviews over last month:
Relaxing Ability ………………………………………………………………………………82%
Uplifting experience ………………………………………………………………………..48%
Counteract Insomnia ……………………………………………………………………….40%
Migraines ……………………………………………………………………………………….78%

May offer relief from depression, minor physical pain, and migraines.

What Is The Exotic Wedding Cake strain for sale look and feel like?

In the world of weed, buzz usually makes names more crucial than plant high quality. It occurred with OGs in the 90s, leading to a globe filled with various Kush hybrids; Furthermore Was GSC (Girls’s Scout Cookies) in the last decade, resulting in a modern-day cannabis market controlled by Cookies crosses; and also now, it looks like clients need, notoriety, and trending strains information might render the exotic Wedding Cake strain the marijuana community’s next individuals’s champ for the near future. Below’s a little more info regarding this preferred cannabis pressure.

What Is The royal Wedding Cake strain Backstory?

Royal Wedding Cake strain, likewise called Pink Cookies, has multiple awards as an indica-dominant strain brought about by our epic Seed Junky Genetics colleague. They are also famous for their outstanding research on Gelato and Kush Mints. Along with Wedding celebration Cake, Gelato, as well as Kush Mints, our good friend Seed Junky is likewise in straight collaboration with Cookies magnate Berner on the recently launched The Minntz brand, also having the the popular The Soap strain.

What Is The exotic Wedding Celebration Cake Experience?

The cannabis experience comes down to three major aspects: scent, taste, and impacts. Exotic Wedding  Cake is preceded by its track record for each.

Fragrance of exotic wedding cake:

  • The label purple Wedding Cake was initially provided to the hybrid by epic LA farmers the Jungle Kids, due to its unmistakable vanilla cake icing aroma. Regrettably for many customers, when we sniff containers of purple Wedding Cake strain blossom, it isn’t vanilla cake that we spot. Instead, several customers report a flat and also non-stimulating mix of floral and natural hits quite backed by a rather pleasant fragrance that you can fool on your own into accepting as vanilla.
  • With a name like purple Wedding event Cake strain, you would expect it to taste like a pleasant dessert fit for commemorative celebrations, but this is absolutely never the case. Rather, similar to its scent, the royal Wedding Cake strain drops much from the anticipated. Usually, consumers that smoke our exotic Wedding Cake strain will feel good while tasting earthy flavors from its doughy-like thick smoke making your mouth experience an entire loaf of sourdough. Many individuals explain the preference as just natural as well as sour.

Results of smoking our exotic wedding cake strain:

Exotic Wedding Cake contains very high THC levels, and its cannabis content is consistently above 26.5% THC. Due to its strong potency, first-time marijuana consumers are advised to approach it with caution and a “go-slow” mentality. If you are not a frequent smoker, this strain will undoubtedly have you hooked to the sofa for hours. How will it affect you, however, if you are a savvy customer?

With all of its intricate DNA and supposed parents, the Wedding Cake strain ultimately smokes like a straightforward Kush. OG Kush was first lauded for being a very potent hybrid that induces a long-lasting feeling of exhilaration and physical relaxation. The smoking experience of Royal Wedding Cake Strain is fairly similar. Occasionally, marijuana can also make you feel energised, creative, and productive; therefore, if you’re a stoner who smokes weed to expand your mind, our Exotic Wedding Cake is the perfect tarnish for you. Ultimately, like many marijuana highs, this cannabis strain induces a slouched-over, languid state that will have you stretching your legs across the nearest ottoman.
As a result of this strain’s potently soothing effects, some clients also seek Purple Wedding Cake for assistance with anxiety and stress. We prescribe increased dosages for insomniac patients.

How the Future Of Royal Wedding Cake looks like

Similarly to the creation of OG Kush, Haze & Skunk, not leaving out Girls Scout Cookies, the fabrication of royal Wedding Cake might cause a few of our future stoners’ favorite strain.
Already, its hybrids like Purple wedding Cake, which crosses Exotic Wedding Cake with the very potent indica White Fire # 43 are turning up. There’s additionally Guava Cake, quite like a Wedding event Cake backcross; the newly released Separation Cake, a cross in between Wedding celebration Cake and also The White; and also the really well-known sugar treat of Gelato, a cross of Wedding event Cake as well as Gelato. Irrespective of the fact that much of this pressure’s past stays a secret mystery, its future is really looking great. This strain is here to win more trophies.

How does our exotic wedding cake strain strain look like?

As far as appearance goes, our exotic Wedding Cake strain, like any other pressure, can look a variety of ways relying on that expands them as well as just how. Generally, the strain is  a selection of dark eco-friendly and light environment-friendly buds. We cover them in amber-colored stigmas which ultimately provide the nugs a rather goldish-brown color. This color is entirely buried under a really great staunch coat of white trichomes.  Wedding Cake phenotypes share somewhat purple accents nonetheless, the flurry of trichomes remains the exact same. Because of that, Wedding celebration Cake is an outstanding stress for making concentrates.

How does royal wedding cake strain really feel when smoked?

Royal Wedding Cake is identified by its really large & colorful flowers. Its globular & chunky nuggets holds a dense bud structure. This is typical with indica plants. The leaves are firm and crunchy themselves, quite fallen and earthy green to brownish. They are well covered with orange hairs, we refer to as pistils, meant to capture pollen from feeding male plants. A high focus of trichomes gives this stress its high THC levels in addition to an extremely sticky appearance. Purple Wedding Cake strain is as  striking aromatically as it is visually outstanding. When appropriately cured, they scent vegetal: damp as well as mossy with simply a tip of citrus. usually hanging out below is a spunky funk which betrays the impact of its ancestral root strain OG Kush, while separating or grinding the buds emits notes of zesty sandalwood. When combusted, Wedding event Cake may be rough, stinging stoners’ throats with a thick smoke. It tastes pleasant with a velvety mouth feel rich on the exhale. Some stoners can compare to the Purple Wedding cake as well.

How do you know your spiff has kicked in?

Wedding Cake strain’s high beginnings reasonably promptly, holding and hitting mainly the head. Fast-paced or intense thoughts are quite common amongst stoners. They may as well study and regard their environments more acutely. In the best collection and setting, there exists an ecstasy-like modification in feelings. Less than 30 minutes into the high, Exotic Wedding Cake’s indica side starts. Smokers may really feel enhanced heat and an enjoyable thickness that spreads through the back as well as limbs. Even in the middle of this sedation, however, analytical stimulation proceeds, enabling individuals to really feel uniquely “listened” to their environments. This all natural mix of physical & mental effects provides itself to intricate tasks like producing art, sex & exercising. As the high continues with more puffing, so does this weed strain’s body high, after a few bowls, cigarette smokers may find themselves couch-locked.

Which various other means could Wedding celebration cake be useful?

Wedding Cake could also benefit medical marijuana patients. Its inclination to induce feelings of perceptiveness can help persons with mild to moderate stress and anxiety, anxiety, and also depression feel more “in the moment.” Due to the fact that this strain leaves users lucid and rational, it can also help persons with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorders) concentrate on task specifics. Wedding Cake’s gentle waves of physical relaxation can alleviate both brief and persistent aches and discomforts and, in sufficient doses, induce sleep. Ultimately, it can be an effective appetite stimulant for stoners who have lost their sense of taste or who are undergoing radiation therapy.

How to get wedding cake seeds?

Whether this strain is known as Royal Wedding Cake or Pink Cookies, neither auto flowering nor feminized seeds are easily accessible for purchase. Prospective cultivators will need to acquire cuttings from mature plants in order to cultivate identical “duplicates.” We describe it as a highly temperamental plant and don’t recommend for novice growers. We grow it in regulated interior conditions or outdoors in a warm area with average temperatures in the 72-degree Fahrenheit range, similar to many other hybrids. Additionally, we realize that the parent pressure Cherry Pie is very resistant to mold, a trait that may be inherited by some phenotypes of this pressure. Wedding celebration Cake yields a minimal return for farmers’ efforts.

While some couples enjoy a slice of their iced wedding cake on their first wedding anniversary, a few puffs of Wedding Cake would be equally satisfying. Rich and calming, it may stoke emotion and fervor, and happily, it’s not a K.O. that will prohibit you from experiencing a nice sense of intimacy.



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