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About Wild rum backwoods

Backwoods Wild Rum Cigars (Discontinued) are know for their distinctive packaging and appearance with a fray end. These rough-looking cigars are manufactured by Altadis U.S.A, Inc. Buy wild rum backwoods online, wild rum backwoods for sale, buy rare backwoods Canada, buy backwoods 5 pack, order exotic backwoods toronto

Backwoods Wild Rum Cigars (Discontinued) are excellent caribbean rum flavor.
Each unit includes 8 packs of 5 cigars (total 40 cigars).


Flavored cigars and cigarettes banned by European Union and some of other countries.
We can not responsible any customs risk for your flavored cigarettes orders. Please be sure that your local customs rules for flavored cigarettes.
Wild rum backwoods for sale

Buy wild rum backwoods online

These top-quality machine-made cigarillos are crafted with the brands signature Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobaccos surrounded by a homogenized binder, and a genuine all tobacco Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. They are available right here at Santa Clara for the best wholesale cigar prices around. Buy rare backwoods Canada

Along with the original smooth and tasty all tobacco blend, Backwoods Cigars also include Sweet Aromatic, Honey, Honey Bourbon, Honey Berry, Dark Stout, Russian Cream, and Black N’ Sweet Aromatic. These exotically flavored blends will appeal to cigar shoppers with a sweet tooth that are looking for an affordable brand with a proven track record of reliability and consistently great taste. Buy backwoods 5 pack, order exotic backwoods toronto

Shape: Cigarillos
Ring Gauge: 27
Cigar Lenght: 114 mm / 4.55″
Body: Medium
Wrapper Color: Dark Brown / Maduro
Manufacturer: Altadis U.S.A

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1 box, 10 boxes, 20 boxes, 50 boxes

11 reviews for WILD RUM BACKWOODS

  1. Avatar of Ethan Montgomery

    Ethan Montgomery

    Wild Rum Backwoods have become an integral part of my relaxation ritual. The moment I light one up, I’m transported to a place of tranquility, and the world seems to slow down.

  2. Avatar of Olivia Parker

    Olivia Parker

    I reserve Wild Rum Backwoods for celebrating achievements, big or small. Lighting one up from Cannabis Hub signifies success and adds an extra layer of gratification. It’s the perfect place to grab these exceptional cigars.

  3. Avatar of Benjamin Foster

    Benjamin Foster

    There’s something meditative about smoking a Wild Rum Backwoods from Cannabis Hub. It’s during these moments that I reflect on life’s twists and turns, and this shop always provides the perfect ambiance for it.

  4. Avatar of Ava Sullivan

    Ava Sullivan

    Every puff of Wild Rum Backwoods reminds me of that tropical vacation where I first fell in love with rum-infused flavors. It’s like a mini-vacation in every smoke.

  5. Avatar of Jackson Bennett

    Jackson Bennett

    These cigars are my companions during those late nights by the fire pit. The warmth of the fire and the warmth of the rum-infused smoke create a magical combination.

  6. Avatar of Amelia Anderson

    Amelia Anderson

    Under a blanket of stars, I often find myself enjoying the company of these cigars from Cannabis Hub. The rum flavor somehow makes the stars shine even brighter. It’s an experience I highly recommend.

  7. Avatar of Caleb Harrison

    Caleb Harrison

    I remember sharing a Wild Rum Backwoods with my best friend on a rainy evening. The laughter, the stories, and the cigar made it a memory to cherish forever.

  8. Avatar of Luke Donovan

    Luke Donovan

    My dad introduced me to Backwoods, and when I discovered the Wild Rum flavor, it felt like a connection across generations. Now, it’s a tradition we both enjoy.

  9. Avatar of Mason Carter

    Mason Carter

    I’ve made some of my closest friends over a shared love for Wild Rum Backwoods, which we always get from Cannabis Hub. These cigars have a knack for bringing people together, and this shop is where those connections flourish.

  10. Avatar of Taylor


    In a busy world, these cigars from Cannabis Hub are my personal luxury. They’re a reminder to slow down, savor the moment, and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. I can always count on Cannabis Hub for quality and service that matches the excellence of Wild Rum Backwoods.

  11. Avatar of Reynolds


    As a writer, I find inspiration in the oddest of places. Wild Rum Backwoods often accompany me during my writing sessions, sparking creativity.

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