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Composition of Wowdatsfire strain for sale

Kraft American Singles, Pink Eraser, Lavender, Ammonia.

Bud size: small to medium. While some nugs are a snowy jade with little trich covering, others are a deep purple nug studded with diamonds. excellent health and humidity. Fine trim. Class “C”


Shortbread dough, mothballs, fuel, and spiced earth. Vol. 4’s Impact

Greater Than Average Strength Head pressure that is crunchy and extremely void-like. a slight sense of physical euphoria Focus is weakening and ideas are scattered. The WDF’s best feature without a doubt.

General overview of Wowdatsfire weed strain strain.

Official Gooniez and Bubba Gum Co. collaborated on Wodatsfire, which is sold via Ted’s Budz. These well-known figures in the California cannabis industry have been lighting up dispensaries with their flaming variety of goods; at Bonafide Maywood, where I purchased this bundle, they had almost the entire lineup.

When the seal is broken, new rubber is released before particularly transforming into pink eraser. I’m led to suspect that this is some sort of Gelato cross due to the fresh garden herb (lavender with a hint of ammonia), while the breeding partner is still unclear. I’m reminded of Kraft singles, an American classic, by the tones of fake yellow cheese in the aftertaste.

Smoking experience of Wowdatsfire weed strain.

I can tell that the blossom is healthy and mostly covered in sweet trichs using a jeweler’s loupe. However, there is a good bit of variation among the nugs. The only shared characteristic is the size of the buds; otherwise, they appear to be two distinct cultivars in the bag. It’s a bit strange.
The palate is adorned with hoppy soil, some fuel, and mothballs thanks to low-temperature combustion, and there is only a trace of something mellow and sulfurous. Shortbread dough lingers at the end, resembling flakes of slightly burned pie crust. It has a slight buttery char on it.

The retrohale allows the user to perceive some of those fuel notes slightly more intensely, along with a faint taste of cracked coriander. The potency of this flower, as already mentioned, is its strongest quality. Therefore, if you’re seeking for marijuana that smacks, this will work perfectly. Given that the terps are a little softer than usual, I really wouldn’t anticipate the flavor to catch your attention.
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The overall product from Gooniez x Bubba Gum Co. is Wowdatsfire. Although the flower appears to have been bred for potency, I can’t help but wish the terps had a little more to offer. Given the choice between this and one of their other products, such as Dino Duck, I would probably choose the alternate product until they get the consistency and blossom a bit more down. The Zrilla I had from Gooniez was quite outstanding.

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3.5g X 2 packs, 28.5 grams (Ounce/8 packs), 57 grams (2 Ounces/16 packs), 114 grams (Quarter pound/32 packs), 228 grams (Half Pound/64 packs), 456 grams (Pound/lb), 2 pounds