Guarantee and Refunds:

Missing claim? (Quite rare) Follow these steps below:

Take a clear picture of our packaging materials and your package in its entirety. We will be looking forward to our trademark signature in the packaging materials. This signature is in the 3rd layer of packaging and nowhere near the surface so worry not. All packs are shipped as discreet entities coming in boxes such as PlayStation consoles or Soundbars.

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Take a close and clear picture of the USPS shipping label so we see date and sender clearly.

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Take a final clear photo of packing slip without any obstruction. Ensure these photos sent abide by these instructions else you may be required to retake photos. Humboldt Bud reserves the full rights not to process claims with no packing slips.

Send all these required pictures alongside your order number to our contact email ( or Online Assistant/live chat (Joyce/Annie/George) for an extensive review (usually under 24 hours).

Our client satisfaction comes first. With the help of our Manager on board, our applicable refund policy (even though quite rare) is smooth with no hassle. In the rare case of it happening, it goes thus;

If a shipment gets seized (which is quite rare and hasn’t taken place in over a year and a half and still counting…), USPS will notify you directly. Worry not as it doesn’t get any complicated. Once they notify you, you should simply ignore this message and send a screenshot of the original email to Chary Mail. We will dissect it and offer the option for a 1 time reshipment (For all orders under $5,000) to a nearby address if possible else we will be forced to ship via another courier in this case FedEx. Such an offer is valid once per client. There shouldn’t be any exceptions to this refund policy. If you are ordering more than $5,000 worth of product, don’t feel nervous about losing a package as we will break up your shipments into smaller quantities.

A client will only qualify for a refund if the order wasn’t received in full, or you received a direct message from USPS about seizure which is unlikely with our smooth record and discreet and revolutionary shipping methods.

Chary Mail has to review a refund case before issuing refund. The review is swift and in under 24 hours if validated we are going to reship your pack using our second choice courier FedEx.

With all these measures in check, we guarantee the smooth arrival of your package to your precise location and on time.

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