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Epileptic seizures fade away –

Everytime my daughter and I  consume any of your products, I’m rest assured she wouldn’t have a seizure for atleast a fortnight. 

It has helped me a great deal as she takes it at her satisfaction and it also helps me a great deal and I must comment your wax is also very great. Every package I order with my wax in it is like a precious stone to me. Thanks Guys

Kathy Fallicy —– Charlotte, NC          May 17, 2021.

Relieves Arthritis

Your WMD and Wax didn’t only help out my painful joints. Your delivery time has been impecable and I’m really glad I found you guys. Really had a hard time getting in touch with a reliable source overseas but I’m great I found one with you. I always feel way better after consuming your products as the inflammation and stiffness goes away. 

 Craig Wozniak —— Vancouver, Canada         May 29, 2021.

Discomfort/promote sleep

Took out time to think before giving you guys a try but I made the best choice so far this year.

Your Skywalker OG has been the toughest thing I’ve had to try in a very long time posessing very powerful sedative effects, the only place I find myself is on the bed. Been suffering from Insomnia and discomfort but I choose the right Path. Thank You once more for saving another Stoner.

Foster Peddington —– Alloa, Scotland        June 10, 2021.

Relief from muscle Spasms

Just taking out time to thank you for your two Platinum products ( Platinum Strawberry and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies) as those packs came in and served the right purpose; relief from muscle spasms. 

Being skeptical to try you at first but I’m glad I made the right gamble.

Richard J. Smith —– Austin, TX         August 08, 2021.

Surpress Nausea

While getting that feeling of Nausea always pops up and popping pills didn’t work. I had to try your LA Confidential which was spectacular in surpressing that terrible feeling. 

Your Green Crack is also great and I look forward to trying many more of your buds. 

Janns Clarkston Sr. —– Charleston, SC           August 14, 2021.

Quit Tobacco Addiction

Your Blue Dream and Fruity Pebbles don’t only give me the smoke and high but provide those good aromas and flavs. 

Never felt better and I’m proud to be 420 dependent for the past 2 years without touching a single tobacco. 

Your products have helped me massively to stay away from cigarettes. Stay Blessed 

Micheal Clarkson —– Dayton, OH              September 11, 2021.

Supression of Glaucoma

Just until lately when I realized it had been surpressing my Glaucoma. I’m very Happy I found you guys and keep my packs coming. 

Thomas F. Haskins —– Falkirk, Scotland   October 23, 2021.

Creativity of the Brain

Been so creative and able to write better paragraphs and coming up with more interesting stories for my comic strip. Your Alaskan Thunderfuck being my favorite but also I wouldn’t leave without commenting on your GG #4 which left me on my sofa for hours.

Love the job you’re doing there and thanks for always getting to my rescue

Arnton Richardson—– Greensboro, NC           November 16, 2021.

Overcome Depression

After my Divorce couldn’t help myself but had a serious emotional breakdown and depressed. 

Your Blue Moon rocks perfomed magic, after my inability to get stoned for months I found myself a solution in them. Ever since, you guys have not only helped me escape the Depresssion but also made me courageous and having to spend great weekends with your Rocks. Thanks 

Lewis Winnaman—– Houston, TX                   November 31, 2021.

Relief from Pain

“Being an Army Veteran suferring from Pain and had only one option to get relief; That was getting some good cannabis to help me. Your Sour Diesel and Pineapple Express is remarkable .

Not only did you guys get the product to me but right on time. Still dont know how I would Thank you guys but its been great doing business with you so far. Keep up your good work, reaching out to stoners far and beyond aiding us with our various medical conditions”.

Sterlings J. —– Lexington, KY             December 11, 2021

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