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Rick Simpson Oil uses, advantages and sales

What is RSO Oil?

RSO Oil, also known as Rick Simpson Oil, became popular after Rick Simpson used it to treat his skin cancer by putting cannabis oil to his skin. His well-known documentary, “Run from the Cure,” shows how he used RSO oil to recover his cancer cells. Users of RSO oil think it can bring immediate relief from epileptic seizures, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Just How to Use RSO

Simpson has dosage instructions from our team, yet remember this oil has actually not been vetted by medical researchers. Dosages differ from one person to another relying on many aspects, consisting of the strength of the RSO.

The maker suggests that people start by taking a dose that is half the size of short-grain dry rice 3 times daily. He after that advises increasing the dosage after every four days for five weeks, gradually accumulating a resistance to muddle the results of the THC. For the remainder of the 12-week therapy period, keep the dose at a full gram. Simpson also notes that the impacts of the oil may not be felt until an hour after consumption.

RSO is generally not smoked. It is applied in the following means:

• As a topical scrubed onto the surface area of the skin

• As a sublingual with decreases under the tongue; this has the fastest absorption rate

• As a pill taken orally; this has the slowest-acting impacts, however the impacts would last much longer

The Difference In Between RSO and CBD Oil

CBD oil stemmed from commercial hemp plants just have CBD, while Rick Simpson Oil has a high focus of THC– at the very least 20%– and the complete variety of cannabinoids located in the cannabis plant. It’s also important to differentiate RSO from other items labeled as hemp oil as well as hempseed oil, as these products commonly don’t contain any type of CBD or THC.

In 2011, medical professional as well as scientist Dr. Ethan Russo located that the medical results of CBD rise when they’re incorporated with various other cannabinoids. This sensation is generally described as the entourage result, which explains the enhanced result of diffuse marijuana substances when incorporated. Simpson claims that his oils produced 2% -6% CBD, but highlights that THC web content requires to be high in order to deal with cancer.

Although it is commonly thought that CBD oil is just for epileptic individuals and RSO oil is just for cancer cells clients, very early study, including details reported by the United States  National Cancer Institute (USNCI) and also the American Cancer Culture, has indicated that CBD possesses cancer-inhibiting residential or commercial properties in some types of lumps. Study is still initial, because of the restriction of marijuana in several countries, so the full performance as well as adverse effects of cannabinoids to treat cancer are not well developed yet.

That said, keep in mind that RSO is very intoxicating due to the THC web content. Simply put, it’ll obtain you high while CBD won’t.


Ultimately, the two oils may look alike in every type, yet they differ in numerous ways, as noted above. While consuming RSO Oil, it is important to take it in a low amount due to the high quantity of THC, which can have an unexpected impact on individuals who are not experienced with edibles.

Rick Simpson Oil Conveniences

There stays a need for more research study to sustain the supposed effectiveness of RSO as well as other cannabinoid-based mixtures for cancer treatment– let alone other medical problems. Yet there are currently signs that marijuana could be an effective tool in combating cancer cells and also the detrimental negative effects of its treatment. In a 2014 research that checked out the impacts of THC and also CBD extracts alongside radiation therapy in laboratory computer mice generated with brain cancer cells, scientists found that marijuana enhanced the performance of radiation treatment.

A 2014 research study on computer mice examined the effects of THC and CBD removes together with radiation therapy. The marijuana removes appeared to boost the performance of radiation versus an aggressive sort of mind cancer. According to the study’s writers, these results recommend that THC as well as CBD might aid to prepare cancer cells to react better to radiation treatment.

A 2013 instance report on a 14-year-old lady with a hostile type of leukemia took a look at the performance of various cannabinoid resin removes, among which was prepared with the help of Simpson as well as his company, Phoenix Tears. While various focus of THC as well as CBD seemed efficient in treating her cancer, the person passed away from an unassociated gastrointestinal problem after 2 months of treatment, eventually making the lasting performance of cannabis for cancer cells therapy inconclusive.

The antitumor residential properties of cannabinoids in cell lines and in animal designs induced with cancer cells have actually been well-documented in peer-reviewed study for many years, yet more study is required to prove the efficacy and security for scientific trials involving human patients.

As for research on the joint effects of THC and CBD, existing evidence likewise shows exactly how the mix of THC and CBD develops a harmony that causes several restorative advantages. For example, study has actually revealed that CBD functions as an anti-psychotic agent, reducing the negative side effects of THC when taken together.


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