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Walther PDP 9mm Pistol for sale: Full Review

MANY OF MY GUNS SPEAK GERMAN, but this one doesn’t. The new Personal Defense Pistol (PDP) has the Walther name on it and has some similarities to the PPQ, but it is different. It looks like it was made for the U.S. Walther PDP pr pistol for sale.

Even though the PDP still has a German voice, I can easily understand what it says about Walther. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for the PPQ. When I heard that Walther was going to stop making the PPQ, I asked, “Why? “This gun is great!”

The PPQ came out in 2011, but it doesn’t seem like it’s been around that long. I guess that’s why it seems like a shame, especially since the PPQ was a much better gun than the P99 that it replaced. When Walther added the M2 push-button magazine release for the American market in 2013, I think the PPQ grew up. But the best models didn’t come out until the Q4 came out in 2017 and the Q5 Match came out in 2018. Then, in 2019, the Steel Frame (SF) line made things better.

(Mark Fingar photo)

Relax. “The Q4 and Q5 will continue,” said Cody Osborn of Walther Arms. He added, “Only the PPQ series will go away.”

Compact Steel Frame models were introduced just a year ago, but while many were clamoring for a sample of the Q4 Compact SF, Walther was already circulating a few pre-production prototypes of the PDP for jury testing. After shooting a sample in a pistol class with retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran (now firearm training instructor) Larry Vickers, I suspended all temptations to purchase a new striker-fired pistol until the PDP was launched. It shot very well, and Vickers agreed.

(Mark Fingar photo)

The Guns

I now have two PDP samples that represent Walther’s first introductions. One is a full-size variant featuring a 4½-inch barrel, and the second is a compact model with a 4-inch barrel. Both have stepped chambers and polygonal rifling, which is known to produce accurate groups. Walther PDP compact for sale.

Walther’s new Performance Duty Texture wraps from the sides of the grip and around the backstraps. The texture is made of many hexagonal pyramids. It becomes more tactile as it is squeezed. (Mark Fingar photo)

Though the Full Size Wlather PDP’s grip frame is longer than the Compact’s to accept 17-round magazines, and the compact PDP’s shorter for 15-rounders, the contours and texturing are identical. Walther includes interchangeable backstraps for the grip, which are great to tune how the frame fills the palm your hand and positions your index finger in relation to the trigger. On that subject, the frame of the PDP eliminates the finger grooves that were on the PPQ but continues the subtle finger humps on the sides. The bottom of the grip is still flared, too, which supports the high undercut at the back of the triggerguard to raise your hand position on the frame. It’s intuitive to fill the gap up and under the protective beavertail.

Photo Gallery

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The grip frame and style of texturing is distinctively Teutonic. It works like the bolstering in the seat of a performance automobile that holds a driver through sharp turns. If this grip were designed by Americans, it would be comfy, dull or weird, to accommodate the maximum number of potential shooters. In contrast, the PDP’s texture is refined and covers a lot of surface area, not just certain areas and shapes. Gripping the Walther PDP feels form fitting, tactile and purposeful.

The ambidextrous slide-lock lever is long and serrated. It is positioned high enough to avoid unintentional use, but still easily reached by the firing-­hand’s thumb. (Mark Fingar photo)

The layout of the controls is reminiscent of Walther’s recent designs, but the PDP’s have been improved. The magazine release button, for example, functions like the M2, but the touchpoint now features positive texture. Before, the M2 button was simply scored with six striations.


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